Ride me dirty

Ride me dirty
Ride me dirty Book Cover Ride me dirty
Parker Grey
Romantik - Erotisk - Cowboy - Virgin
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28. dec. 2016

Emmy Winchester’s completely off-limits. Not only do her parents own the ranch where I work, she’s not the kind of girl I should be with.

She’s too sweet, too untouched, too pure. Emmy deserves a gentleman, and I’m anything but gentle.

But I can’t deny that her wide-eyed innocence makes me want her. Her sweetness makes me want to take her until she screams my name with those perfect, plump lips.

I need Emmy to be mine. I need to dominate her, control her, have her in every single way that I can.

I should resist, but I don’t know if I can.

I’ve always had a thing for cowboys.

Colton True has been my crush for longer than I want to admit — and now he’s here, working at my parents’ ranch again.

He’s rough, rugged, and beyond handsome, with a body carved by wrangling horses and sweating in the sun. But then, I know a man like that would never want a girl as inexperienced as me.

But when he finds me in the barn, puts his hands on me, and whispers filthy things in my ear? Things that no one’s ever said to me before?

Well, I’m not so sweet that I can’t be dirty sometimes...

Ride Me Dirty is a complete, standalone novella about a rough, dominant man who falls hard for a sweet, innocent girl - complete with tons of cheese and a super-sweet Happily Ever After ending.

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