Rock hard fake groom

Rock hard fake groom Book Cover Rock hard fake groom
Rock Hard
Rye Hart
Romantik - Erotisk
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Ebog - Paperback

The HOT owner of the bakery next door is serving her special cream pie – and I want a taste.

They say a mechanic with a bad past can’t be a good Dad.
Screw that sh*t – my baby girl is my world.
But then, my ex took me to court – and she was granted full custody.
Judge says she’ll reconsider her decision, with one insane condition: that I find a wife ASAP.
Good thing the gorgeous new owner of the bakery next to my bike shop has been checking me out.
And how can I not notice her rack as she bends over the counter – asking me if I’d like a slice of her pie?
I see what she’s thinking behind her pretty blue eyes – and it gets me hard.
She’s dealing with financial troubles of her own.
Maybe we can help each other out.
Maybe we can be friends with benefits.
She can heat things up in the kitchen– let’s see if I can bring the heat to her bedroom.

Only problem is she’s sworn off bad boys & I’ve sworn off marriage. Looks like I’ll have to fake this marriage thing – I just hope she’ll join me for the ride.