Bossy Daddy

Bossy daddy Book Cover Bossy daddy
Mia Madison
Romantik - Erotisk - Jomfru/moden mand - Office
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All my naughty office fantasies are about to be satisfied
I've waited five long years for this. Now suddenly Carly appears at one of my companies, applying for an intern job. It's like she's plopped into my lap.
Is it wrong to want to finally claim her as all mine?
I used to be her man of the house and now I'm gonna be her boss.
Does that make her doubly off limits?
Ask me do I give a f**k.
I'm certain you know my answer.
I do what I want and take what I want.
I'm a billionaire boss with some very strong demands. And some very unusual office policies.
I had no choice but to leave her five years ago but now I have her working under me, she's never getting away.

No wonder she tells me I'm such a Bossy Daddy.